Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010


ini adalah debat bodoh yang terjadi di status facebook saya..setelah saya menonton acara perayaan penerimaan nobel perdamaian yang dianugerahkan kepada presiden US, Barack Obama..

Status saya:
Tifara Ashari has just watched a celebration of obama's nobel prize..well, he has just doubled the troops in afghan, so for me,it's just too hard to find what kind of peace that he won.


mungkin pertanyaan yang lebih mendasar adalah ngapain stasiun TV Indonesia nayangin acara begituan...... sebegitu pentingnyakah Obama di Indonesia?

heyy,, its all about knowing the global issues..
obama's nobel prize may affect the bilateral diplomacy between Ind n US..
for example,increasing market trust or decreasing the anti-US movement so the govt gains more support to establish stronger international affairs policy including with US

it's not a concern of Indonesia when it comes to nobel prize...
it's just a personal life of Obama, isn't it?.....
we don't need to know his personal life.... we need to know what will he do for our country and the rest of middle east....

the mass media is exposing him too much.... even his personal life become public consumption....

obel peace prize is tributed to the one who has contributed more in building a peace measure it, we have to see on the society point of much his policy does favor to the's directly related to the society satisfaction n welfare.. I think, public should know about this prize..because they deserve to know in order to create trust to the incumbent govt, that their leader has done the best to maintain our country, we have to know who beat SBY in winning this nobel..its important too..we can measure n give selfjudgement whether or not our govt has done their best to maintain peace..ehe

all of those thing you said have been proved wrong by your own statement.....
"public should know???"...... there still a lot of things that public should know better than a single celebration of just one noble prize.....
better than make the people watch that how about make a TV show about how the people welfare in Africa or South east.... that will make a very big contribution about what a good TV show to watch

what's wrong with it?

just as I said..... it's just a celebration.... like a party.... even without it people already know that obama won the nobel prize.....
and even you said that you have a hard time to find the reason why the nobel given to Obama.... that's why i said your statement have been proved wrong by your own statement......

I do not oppose the idea of havin celebration.. I just question the reason behind the tribution of this nobel peace prize.. because I think he doesn’t deserve.. the celebration or any kind of broadcasting of these achievement is absolutely needed for the pipol on order to help international society to put a stance towards this issue n being more sensitive and critical to the dynamic of world change,..

At the end, we can choose to agree or not agree.. that’s what I expressed within my statement

"celebration or any kind of broadcasting" that was what i said to be wrong....
i think the media should choose what kind of things that important.... the important thing is what nobel prize and to whom it given..... not it's celebration.....
"to help international society to put a stance towards this issue n being more sensitive and critical to the dynamic of world change"..... that's even explain more why this celebration become unimportant..... this celebration just show how rich america....... not what effect have been occured due to USA policy......
"At the end, we can choose to agree or not agree.. that’s what I expressed within my statement".... then I think i choose no.....

why havin celebration is wrong? celebration is a common thing, u won a grammy,u celebrate it..a marriage of SBY's son, we celebrate it..even we have a concert in a death ceremony of michael jackson..
unimportantcy doesnt necessarily mean you are not allowed to do it
the most important thing, regardless my disagreement, this celebration is a symbol of new america, that all of americans and worlds have to know that obama can succeed their incumbentcy..for americans , they think this is such a new birth of america in holding peace compared with the bush era where chaos is's just a good step for the better future of america..they just celebrate somethin that is celebratable..
why its so wrong?

"why havin celebration is wrong?" i never said the celebration wrong.... what i said to be wrong is to show it in Indonesia media.... it doesn't make a change to anything....
"this celebration is a symbol ... etc" it's for american just as you said right....... doesn't concern anything to us..... and once again i don't blame the american media to show it.... but why indonesia too? doesn't make sense....
if America or any other country want to show that they are a peaceful country.... show it with an act not celebration.... even stupid people know that they are celebrating when in another country war occur because of them..... your statement just prove that indonesia media is not critical enough.....
Btw.... new america is just a laugh..... they will not change unless they do something for people welfare

am sure, not only me, but a lot of pipol enjoyed the voice of Natasha Beddingfield and other singers on that concert..we enjoyed the whole package of the celebration but for some of us deep inside our heart we condemned that tribution..

it changes sumthin, of course,
we debate here, its such a change, another debate lies on pipol mind..that's what i call as buiding critical thinking..
overall, i love the concert..

moreover, dont u think that such kind of celebration is just like Xmas concert or kangen band concert..why you dont reject another kind of concert but being cynical only in this's just same with another concert..

I disagree with the obama's achievement
but once again. no need to oppose the beautiful voice of Natasha Beddingfield :DD

see.... you just watch the singer.... nothing change in the world.....
our debate is not a change... my opinion is already like this even before that

oh now i can grasp your flow of logic, but mr.D, who said that the purpose of the concert IS TO CHANGE THE WORLD..FOR DOG'S SAKE..

its just for entertainment..
for us it is useful to entertain our gloomy satnite..

if you hope that much from a single humble concert, I think there is sumthin wrong inside your head..

even when the world can not MAGICALLY CHANGE by the concert, there's still demand from me and lot of pipol on d world to get pleasure from d concert
there's no one hope for world peace by the concert, we just wanna get entertainment..

why you think that far?

you first think that way..... look at your statement.... you said that the concert will bring a change to the world and bla2.... why now you blame it on me sis???
come on.... i never said about world or anything in the first place.... it was you who bring the world topic.....
"if you hope that much from a single humble concert, I think there is sumthin wrong inside your head..

"even when the world can not MAGICALLY CHANGE by the concert, there's still demand from me and lot of world to get pleasure from d concert
there's no one hope for world peace by the concert, we just wanna get entertainment.."
again and again your statement support my opinion..... by saying that you agree that it's just an entertainment sis..... why don't we watch another big concert that show our own country creativity..... it's become more and more useless everytime you try to argue with me sis...

i say, what's so wrong with the concert, i can understand your argument if u're indeed an anti-american..
but,there's a segmentation of TV programs..
if you indeed want to watch such culture program, you can watch it whenever that program's broadcasted
if you think the program is useless just turn off your TV because you simply can not impose your value to another pipol..because not all pipol think that this program's useless..

if you hate twilight movie, just dont watch it, but dont say that the theatre has to ban twilight, it just simply you who hates it..

why you have to force pipol to watch culture program while so many pipol loves that concert rather than kecak dance?
we say it's not useless because we get entertainment, but u say it's useless because it's just entertainment..
we have a very different opinion in seeing which one is useless and which one is not..

but i at least, i never impose you by saying "you have to watch kecak dance rather than a singing concert, because i hate singing concert, and you have to hate it too"


apakah media itu berlebihan menayangkan konser ini??

saya belum menemukan jawabannya..

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010


SUSAH bagi saya buat percaya diri

bukan susah bicara di depan orang banyak
bukan susah mencari teman
bukan susah bertanya ketika merasa tidak bisa
bukan percaya diri semacam itu

Saya hanya susah mempercayai bahwa diri ini bisa melakukan sesuatu yang ajaib, yang di luar ekspektasi orang..
Suatu waktu saya berhasil menemukan cara mengatasinya
sialnya saya lagi-lagi diingatkan bahwa saya tidak bisa melakukannya
bahwa perjuangan saya kurang

dan semangat saya segera tergoyah
saya lalu mulai bernegosiasi dengan diri saya sendiri dan berusaha memaklumi jikalau saya gagal memenuhi ekspektasi orang

di hari saya memposting entri ini
saya sedang menghadapi sesuatu yang besar
yang saya perjuangkan dengan (kata orang-orang) setengah hati
banyak orang berkata harusnya saya bisa meraih A
tetapi kalau dengan usaha yang sekarang untuk meraih C pun sulit..

saya berusaha semaksimal mungkin melakukan yang terbaik
mungkin usaha saya memang kurang
banyak hal yang mempengaruhinya

katakanlah saya tidak cukup persiapan
tetapi apakah orang-orang lain itu berhak mengadili saya seperti itu..

saya berharap kata-kata yang lebih memotivasi seperti:
walaupun persiapannya kurang kamu pasti bisa melakukannya
percaya diri saja..

saya akan selalu berusaha membangun kepercayaan diri saya sendiri..
yang tidak bisa goyah, apa pun kata orang

usaha saya ini akan terbukti 10 hari dari sekarang
jika saya gagal, berarti saya memang gagal membangun self-confidence (bukan karena persiapan kurang, seperti yang dikatakan orang-orang, saya jengah mendengarnya)
jika saya menang, berarti saya sukses percaya pada diri sendiri dan akan dengan senang hati membagi kiat-kiat saya

untuk informasi kalian,
secara LOGIS,
saya tidak akan memenangkan apa pun kali ini
tetapi saya bosan menuruti logika orang
logika saya adalah:
saya bisa memenangkan apa pun yang saya mau

saya akan memulai dengan berkata
seperti mental yang telah saya bangun sebelumnya

semoga saya berhasil


-doakan saya-

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

kegagalan mengingat password di blog yang lama

myfirst :D

long life debater!
long life javanese!
long life makassarian!
long life half-chinese!

OK that's me!

tippo is here..

wait for my next masterpiece bloggies!

*well, this is mu first blog.. dunno what to write.. just wait till my mood comes n I can write something good :p

yah ini kan pertemuan pertama, kalo kata bu guru mah pertemuan pertama kenalan dulu, ntar pertemuan berikutnya baru masuk bab pertama..jadi minggu depan ibu mau bab 1 udah dibaca ya.. hoho